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SDTMB has made it easy for you to commit to your health and wellness!

This membership will allow you to receive constant or regular massages that come with an exclusive discount and automatic payments. Memberships award you up to 20% off of all services, which takes affect immediately upon signing up for membership! SDTMB has a guaranteed lower rate for members vs non members!​​

60 min Massage $100/hr

90 min Massage $135/hr

60 min Combo Treatment $110/hr

90 min Combo Treatment $140/hr

If interested ask your massage therapist at your next appointment!


SD Therapy provides package options of 4 and 8 packs for massages.


Clients can enjoy a discount of 10% when purchasing a package of 4 massages


A discount of 15% when purchasing a package of 8 massages.



To learn more about these packages, clients can inquire with their massage therapist during their next appointment!


Our massage business membership plan provide regular access to massage therapy, promoting a positive work environment. By offering this wellness perk, you demonstrate your commitment to your team's physical and mental health, fostering a culture of care and well-being. Massage therapy reduces stress, alleviates muscle tension, and improves productivity. Our tailored sessions offer convenience and affordability for your employees. Regular massage therapy also contributes to long-term health improvements, such as pain relief, better posture, enhanced immune function, and improved sleep patterns. Investing in your employees' well-being leads to the success and longevity of your business.

3-10 employees $98/hr

11-20 employees $95/hr

21+ employees $92/hr



SD Therapy Massage & Bodywork now is offering Gift Certificates and E-Gift Cards.

Gift Certificates are sold in office only.

Click the button below for E-Gift Cards.

To redeem GC you will need to book online as normal and redeem in office at the appointment.

If you have a Gift Certificate from SquareSpace please book online and redeem in store. 1 year expiration on all gift cards.

Steph and Nick are both gifted massages therapists. They are very attentive and thorough. Nick has some special talents with astrology and Palm reading too! Steph has created an incredible space for healing and relaxation.
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